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Inspiration. Creativity. Fragrance.

Soft, seductive and intoxicating symphony of aromas is what accompanies the young, creative, experienced and never resisting a challenge freshdeli team which is located in Lithuania.

Natural, handmade aromatherapeutic candles, stunning home solutions  of tenderness, scent bags and soaps – they are all small miracles which the freshdeli team produces with great love and care. The noble daily rituals accompanying the manufacture of these products has become an integral part of life for every member of our team.

Against Animal Testing

We can not only resist the love for plants, world's most beautiful flower petals or softest note odors, but also great love for animals that is why none of our products are tested on animals.

The best partners from all over the world...

We believe that nature is the best and most noble gift to us and we are happy to have the best partners from all over the world, which send us raw materials of the highest quality. The most delicate natural essential oils come from the most beautiful corners of Europe and Asia. America is supplying us  with the best and most luxurious wax the world has to offer, so our candles are not only used for achieving spiritual peace, heat or to reach the deepest corners of the soul, but also for body treatments and massage.

 “Soul therapy in a candle” - freshdeli

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